Back in July of 2001…

We started Coast information Technology. The name came from our location (the Southern California Coast) and the service we offered (Information Technology). The goal was to bring enterprise level network and computer service to small to medium size business (SMB). For years that’s exactly what we did. For quite a while we provided our special brand of service to many companies from Los Angeles to San Diego. A large part of our clientele was the real estate and mortgage industry which was booming at the time.

After running around in the concrete jungle rat race for many years we decided to relocate to East Texas. Visits to East Texas in the past had opened our eyes to a side of Texas that we were unaware of. Beautiful tall pines; creeks, rivers and lakes everywhere; and alligators! That, on top an economy that wasn’t suffering as much as ol’ CA, prompted the move.

After living the outdoorsman lifestyle, we’ve decided to let our heads follow our hearts and focus on outdoorsmen and their businesses. Providing web sites and hosting to tournament fishermen, lure manufacturers, rod builders, boat sales, boat repairs, guides, etcetera.

We’ll always work with anyone, regardless of their interest, but our marketing focus is on the people that share the love of the outdoors as we do.

We welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you any way we can. Drop us a line by clicking here