The imagination is a wonderful thing. It’s only limited by ourselves, so it can conjure up just about anything. That’s the idea behind your website. It can be anything you wish it to be, well almost. It can’t be a brand new boat or the next world record largemouth, but I think you get my point. 

Do you notice how many pages are returned when you look for something on your favorite search engine? Look up “web hosting” on Google with the quotes. That should turn up about 370,000,000 results. Now look up “fishing lures”, about 5,220,000 results. See what we mean?

Competing with all those sites can be a huge challenge. That’s why we love to help. It’s a welcomed challenge to us. Properly designed websites work better with search engines. By design we aren’t merely talking about images and backgrounds. We’re talking about how the search engines see the website. They don’t see pictures or hear sounds. A web site should not only look good, it should have the proper information, structure and hidden files that a search engine needs to make an accurate analysis of the pages it is offering it’s users.

Here’s a List of Some of Our Work and Web / IT Clients

Baseball Glove Collector
Coast To Coast Communications 
Cove Marina
Dana Sport Fishers
Gone Fishing Forum
Gotcha Baits
Gutterman of Abilene
Hag’s Tornado Bait
Hosted Pro Web Hosting 
Karl Engstrom
Karnie Krawlers
Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs
Liberty California
Liberty Financial
Occupancy Cost Audit Group
Red’s Baits
Smith Architects
Stimulator Sport Fishing 
Texas Black Bass Unlimited 
West Texas Team Trail
Yacht Ready Consultants
Your Mortgage Shop