Email Attacks, New Nigerian Scam?

Stupid extortion emails are going around. They claim to have hacked you some while back and have evidence of you doing something naughty. They demand bitcoin payment or else…

Ignore, delete, block… Whatever suits ya…

We are seeing this BS daily. I think the Nigerians are finally shifting gears or something, hehehe.

If they really got into your life, they wouldn’t tell you. They would quietly create ID theft in your name, that’s where the money is for these scum!

Digitally Yours,
Coast IT

How Solid Are You!!!???

You cyber punks keep trying. Good for you, you haven’t hacked me yet.

I wouldn’t expect less from those trying to access this site. We promote the best in humanity…

What you hackers are neglecting to take into account is that we don’t want you here.

We are notified when you try, keep trying, then blocked.

We ask you to walk…. walk away punk! Show some respect punk!

Let dimebag tell the story!