The web has created a world of possibilities…
CoastIT helps turn those possibilities into realities

It’s no wonder so many people are launching their own websites. Having a website is important to many; for sharing thoughts and opinions, branding themselves in their trade or hobby, or as a means of marketing their product. The only limits are imagination and budget and CoastIT can help with both!

We take special care in developing your ideas and doing so within your budget. Developing a proper website has it’s challenges, that’s why we discuss your vision and goals with you in detail. At CoastIT, we take what we do very seriously but have fun doing it.

CoastIT’s services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. Each website is developed in a test server space, accessible to you, so you can watch the progress and give us your input. Web design was a passion of ours long before we started hosting them in 2001. With the additional power of controlling the servers we found it even more enjoyable.

Over the years we have developed many sites on the web. Our main focus is creating sites for the marine industry. The following are a sample of the market segments we work with

  • Lure Manufacturing
  • Bait Sales
  • Rod Building and Repair
  • Reel Manufacturing and Repair
  • General Fishing Tackle Sales
  • Boat Sales and Repair
  • Boat Rental and Storage
  • Outboard Motor Sales and Repair
  • Marinas and Wharfs
  • Fishing Charters
  • Fishing Clubs
  • Tournament Trails

CoastIT is based in East Texas on the Trinity River and Lake Livingston, getting into fast bass boats to fish as often as we can. It’s because of this love of fishing and boating that we have a special place in our hearts for marine industry websites.

Of course, not everyone is a fisherman and that’s OK too. CoastIT has designed and hosted sites for the real estate and mortgage industry, insurance companies, art galleries, car enthusiasts, bicycle manufacturers and countless others. We believe in helping your business do business.

You want websites, logos, databases and applications that work for you. CoastIT offers you the services that do just that!